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Plastic Steel Locker

Plastic Steel Locker

● ABS Plastic Locker Door + Steel Metal Locker Body
● The locker body is constructed of painted steel (electro-galvanized)

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● The Door is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile, Butadiene & Styrene) Plastic

● The door panel has the advantages of impact resistance, not easy to dent, and antirust (648 Newton)

● The hinges and the left and right sides of the locker & are concealed design and integrated retractable base

● Customized size & color available

● Locks Choices: Key; Keyless Combination; Padlock; Coin Lock; Electronic RFID, Electronic Numeric, Electronic Fingerprint Locks

● The fixed external dimension of Locker set (W90x H180x D51 cm)

● Application: Schools, Libraries, Shopping Malls, Corporate offices, manufacturing facilities.

● 100% Made in Taiwan


Fixed external specification/ each locker set

W90xH180xD51 cm

15 doors inner size

W30xH32xD49 cm (3 columns/ 5 tiers)

Small-size Door

12 doors inner size

W30xH41xD49 cm (3 columns/ 4 tiers)

Medium-size Door

9 doors inner size

W30xH55xD49 cm (3 columns/ 3 tiers)

Large-size Door

6 doors inner size

W30xH83xD49 cm (3columns/ 2 tiers)

Extra Large-size Door

Dimension & Size


9 Doors/ 3 tiers Lockers

External size W90xH180xD51 cm

Internal size W30xH55xD49 cm


12 Doors/ 4 tiers Lockers

External size W90xH180xD51 cm

Internal size W30xH41xD49 cm


15 Doors/ 5 tiers Lockers

External size W90xH180xD51 cm

Internal size W30xH32xD49 cm

Locks & Accessories

Adjusting Screw(001)Base-5CM(001)
coin return lock(002)coin security lock_
Img132431_OK(001)K1 Low(001)
K2 Low(001)N8-3A low(001)
N9-4S-2 Low(001)N9-4S-3Low(001)
N10-4S-low(001)P1 Low(001)

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