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Hotel Resorts Locker

Hotel Resorts Locker

In a luxury hotel or resort, the standard of facilities, safety and hygiene is of outmost importance. However, choosing high quality products could be challenging – for instance, coastal resorts & hotels which use aesthetically pleasing wooden or metal lockers might find them corroding or rustling quickly in a moist environment with sea breeze. These increases maintenance costs in the long term.

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So today, many hotels and resorts in Taiwan have chosen the ABS plastic lockers plus several locks solutions to serve guests in the hot spring, pool, gym and also locker places for their staff. The clients are such as Sheraton hotel, Maison De Chine, Hilton Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, Art Spa Hotel, Calla Young Garden Resort, Sakuraoka Hot Springs Resort, Yehliu Park Plaza Resort, etc. (see actual photos)

ABS plastic lockers for hotels & resorts are highly durable and aesthetically pleasing. It minimizes maintenance and repair costs.

The installation of ABS lockers could help the brand create more competitive advantages, receive high accolades from guests as well as benefit employees.

When guests use the swimming pool or the beach at the resort, they could store their personal belongings like cell phone, purses, wallet in the ABS locker. Staff can also change uniforms and safekeep them in the lockers.

Features of ABS Plastic Lockers

● Several designs (from simple standard, vented, trendy to classic)

● High strength, able to withstand strong impact of external force, no distortion

● Non-flammable, meets fire protection standards, and eco friendly

● Not moldy, antirust, easy to clean and maintain

● Not angled safe design for users

● Diverse sizes, with hanging bars for uniforms

● Easy assembly & disassembly the lockers without tools

● Aesthetically pleasing by mixing rich and modern colors and sizes of lockers.

● Secure Locking system from traditional keyless locks to Electronic RFID lock, numeric lock, and fingerprint lock

Sizes & Dimension


Lock options: Coin Return Lock, Coin Security Lock (Stainless), Electronic Fingerprint Lock, Electronic Numeric Lock, Electronic RFID Lock, Key Lock, Mechanical Keyless Lock (Black Handle), Mechanical Keyless Lock (Grey Handle), Padlock, Supreme Combination Lock

Coin Return Lock(001)Coin Security Lock (Stainless)_
Electronic Fingerprint Lock(001)Electronic Numeric Lock(001)
Electronic RFID Lock(001)Key Lock(001)
Mechanical Keyless Lock (Black Handle)(001)Mechanical Keyless Lock (Grey Handle)(001)
Padlock(001)Supreme Combination Lock(001)

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