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GYM Center Lockers

GYM Center Lockers

SP Locker offers a complete line of high quality of gym and fitness center lockers. They are made of heavy-duty materials (300kg load bearing) and come in variety of sizes and colors.

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GYM & Fitness Center Lockers

Newsday, gyms became a commonplace with increasing demand for health and beauty. In high-end gyms, essential facilities are needed to meet the needs of its users, from training equipment to changing rooms, storage spaces and restrooms, all of which must be of high quality and ensures hygiene and safety.

In addition, gym-goers are typically young people and office staff exercises either at break time or after work and tend to bring along backpacks, laptops, papers and clothes. Thus, to meet their storage needs, installing the ABS locker system for the dressing room is a good investment.

ABS lockers for the gym & fitness center offer a spacious space to store and safekeep their belongings. Combined with convenient traditional padlock or mechanical keyless/ combination locks for easy use, it avoids the situation of lost keys. In addition, the electronic RFID lock, electronic numeric lock and electronic fingerprint lock is another breakthrough and smart choice for high-end gyms when putting technology into its services.

In addition to the main purpose for storing items, ABS lockers with modern design and rich colors can create accents for the gym. Diverse sizes help optimize space for small gym rooms. When using the ABS locker system with high-tech electronic locks, it will increase the competitiveness of the brand, showing dedication to customers when coming to the gym.

However, if you still prefer the metal lockers to plastic locker, SP Metal Lockers also provide a complete line of quality lockers for Health and Fitness Centers. These products are available for new installations and replacements. Lockers are available in a variety of styles and colors to meet your requirements. Feel free to check the actual photos and showcases of our clients such as World GYM, GenghisKhan GYM, ARES Fitness, Fitness Factory, FIT MANIA GYM.

Features of ABS Locker

● Strong impact resistant & Durable heavy Duty (see test report)

● ABS is non-flammable material & meets fire protection standards

● Odor free, breathable, antirust, and easy to clean

● Not angled design, safe for users

● Diverse sizes from 3s to extra large (nine sizes)

● Lightweight, easy to move and arrangement

● Easy to assemble and take part the lockers

● Multiple color options and aesthetically pleasing

● Secure locking system options

Sizes & Dimension


Color Options

Dark Grey(001)Olive Green(001)
Wisteria Purple(001)Sky Blue(002)
Apple Green(001)Light Brown(001)
Light Pink(001)Light Yellow(001)
Coffee BrownBright Orange
Lake GreenNavi Blue
Transparent FogWood Grain
Bright YellowCrimson Red
Lake GreenNavi Blue
Rice WhiteWisteria Purple(001)
Bright Blue(001)Brown(001)
Dark Blue(001)Green(001)
Light Grey(001)Red(001)
Camellia Red(002)Khaki(001)
Midnight Blue(001)Olive Green(001)
Space Grey(001)Sunlight Orange(001)

Lock options: Coin Return Lock, Coin Security Lock (Stainless), Electronic Fingerprint Lock, Electronic Numeric Lock, Electronic RFID Lock, Key Lock, Mechanical Keyless Lock (Black Handle), Mechanical Keyless Lock (Grey Handle), Padlock, Supreme Combination Lock

Coin Return Lock(001)Coin Security Lock (Stainless)_
Electronic Fingerprint Lock(001)Electronic Numeric Lock(001)
Electronic RFID Lock(001)Key Lock(001)
Mechanical Keyless Lock (Black Handle)(001)Mechanical Keyless Lock (Grey Handle)(001)
Padlock(001)Supreme Combination Lock(001)

Impact Resistant Report

Impact & Pressure Test Report__1_

Assembly & Disassembly Video

Actual Photos


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