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Locker Room Lockers

Locker Room Lockers

In many venues, Lockers Room/ Fitting Room/ Changing Room is the standard and basic facilities, hygiene, convenient, safety is the outmost importance.

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SP ABS durable heavy duty plastic lockers are the great fit to locker rooms and serve both your guests and staffs.

The outstanding advantages of ABS Lockers

● High strength, able to withstand strong impact of external force

● ABS material is non-flammable and environmentally friendly

● Not moldy, breathable, easy to clean, odor free

● Not angled design, safe for users

● A variety of sizes/ dimensions, with hanging bars for clothes

● Modern colors and aesthetically pleasing

● Different sizes & colors of lockers could mix together

● Locking system is secure and ensures the safety of each individual’s property.

Lock options: Coin Return Lock, Coin Security Lock (Stainless), Electronic Fingerprint Lock, Electronic Numeric Lock, Electronic RFID Lock, Key Lock, Mechanical Keyless Lock (Black Handle), Mechanical Keyless Lock (Grey Handle), Padlock, Supreme Combination Lock

Coin Return Lock(001)Coin Security Lock (Stainless)_
Electronic Fingerprint Lock(001)Electronic Numeric Lock(001)
Electronic RFID Lock(001)Key Lock(001)
Mechanical Keyless Lock (Black Handle)(001)Mechanical Keyless Lock (Grey Handle)(001)
Padlock(001)Supreme Combination Lock(001)

Color Options

Dark Grey(001)Olive Green(001)
Wisteria Purple(001)Sky Blue(002)
Apple Green(001)Light Brown(001)
Light Pink(001)Light Yellow(001)
Coffee BrownBright Orange
Lake GreenNavi Blue
Transparent FogWood Grain
Bright YellowCrimson Red
Lake GreenNavi Blue
Rice WhiteWisteria Purple(001)
Bright Blue(001)Brown(001)
Dark Blue(001)Green(001)
Light Grey(001)Red(001)
Camellia Red(002)Khaki(001)
Midnight Blue(001)Olive Green(001)
Space Grey(001)Sunlight Orange(001)

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