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School Lockers

School Lockers

ABS plastic lockers are safer than metal steel lockers in schools; students are less likely to be injured by hitting the lockers due to not angled design & plastic material.

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Have you ever seen the lockers appearing in schools in many movie scenes?

Yes, today school lockers are prevalent and common in many countries and the concept of ABS plastic lockers is developing in bilingual, international and private schools in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore because

● Our ABS Lockers meets the material safety data/test (non-toxic)

● ABS plastic lockers provide secure spaces to store the books and personal belongings and reduce the bag load & unnecessary weight for students

● Schools could optimize the campus & classroom space by using ABS lockers

● ABS plastic lockers add distinct, fashion & trendy design of elegance (modular design & multiple/ customized colors)

● High Strength/ Impact resistant; No distortion

● ABS plastic material is non-flammable, recyclable and eco-friendly.

● Not moldy, washable, easy to clean

● Extensive locking system, easy to use for all ages

● We provide 9 locker sizes (3s, 3s+, 2s, 2s+, S, M, MM, L, XL), suitable for students from kindergarten to colleges.

● We provide Standard, Vented, Classic, Trendy door design & multiple colors.

● Economic; Easy to replace the damaged panels

Educational Institution: Kindergarten, Prime school, Middle school, High school, College


Lock options: Coin Return Lock, Coin Security Lock (Stainless), Electronic Fingerprint Lock, Electronic Numeric Lock, Electronic RFID Lock, Key Lock, Mechanical Keyless Lock (Black Handle), Mechanical Keyless Lock (Grey Handle), Padlock, Supreme Combination Lock

Coin Return Lock(001)Coin Security Lock (Stainless)_
Electronic Fingerprint Lock(001)Electronic Numeric Lock(001)
Electronic RFID Lock(001)Key Lock(001)
Mechanical Keyless Lock (Black Handle)(001)Mechanical Keyless Lock (Grey Handle)(001)
Padlock(001)Supreme Combination Lock(001)

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